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100 Yard Club

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Willmar football from the youth levels through High School.

We Have Venmo!

Hey Willmar Football Supporters,

Guess what, you can now “Venmo Us!” We recently created a new Venmo account for the 100 Yard Club. Venmo is a mobile app that can be used to exchange funds with one another. Our hope is this will allow our current supporters to donate with a quick click of a button and also give us the opportunity to connect with potential, new supporters - alumni, parents, community members, etc.

If you choose to use Venmo to donate to The 100 Yard Club, find us at @Willmar-Football and leave a note including your name(s), membership level or any other necessary information. The Venmo account will be monitored and run by the 100 Yard Club.

Remember, ALL DONATIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE and are recognized on the Willmar Football website. There is no donation too small!
We look forward to your continued support of the Willmar Cardinal Football Team and the 2023 Season. Go Cards!